Office Products & Furniture

Office Products and Furniture for Businesses

At GreenTree Imaging, we carry a full range of over 500,000 office supply products and a huge selection of office furniture – from desks and chairs to file cabinets and lighting.  Click on the image below to search and compare products on our Online CatalogPlease call or email us to receive a quote from one of our friendly team members.  (888) 363-8913 



Office Supplies

  • File Folders and Filing supplies
    Pens, Markers, instruments
    Binders and Binding Supplies
    Forms, Record Keeping & Reference/Medical Forms
    Job Specific Paper/Photo paper, plotter paper and high end paper


  • Chairs/Chair Accessories Desks
    Desks and cubicles
    File Cabinets/Storage Cabinets/Lockers
    Shelves and Racks/ Fireproof Safes
    Computer/Printer stands
    Lamps and Lighting

Office Equipment

  • Binders
    Rubber Stamps
    Telephones and Phone Accessories/Headsets
    Air Cleaners, heaters, humidifiers
    Presentation Supplies/Projectors and Screens

Break Room/Lunch Room

  • Coffee Machines/Coffee
    Cups/Plastic Wear/Plates
    Appliances/food storage
    Snacks & Beverages